Graduation Photography £24.99


I remember when I was graduating.  The photography services offered left me feeling a bit, well, unfulfilled.  In fact they left me feeling exploited, processed, monopolised, institutionalised and part of a numbers game expertly arranged to turn my big day into a profit centre.   I trawled the FAQs to try and get an idea of the cost.  Nobody ever asked the price apparently.  How about that!

After I graduated I wrote to my alma mater offering to advertise graduation photography services.  They don't accept graduation photography advertising.  How about that!  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

So this year I've decided to do something revolutionary.  I'll tell you the price of graduation photography now.  It's a crazy £24.99.  For what?  Ten professional graduation shots downloadable from your gallery.

Here's something else new.  You don't have to buy 'em!  You don't have to pay in advance, you don't have to wait six weeks to see them and you don't have to pay at all if you don't like them.

You can still get the mottled blue background and somebody shouting, "Next!", of course.  Just not from me.


How's it work then?

  • You hire your gown, hood and hat for an extra couple of days.
  • Mail me and we'll arrange to meet at your graduation site when the madding crowd is afar and we have peace and quiet to work properly.  Early morning or evenings are best, weekends are possible.  The campus will look like Oxford Circus during the day.
  • I'll photograph you in a variety of styles.  It'll take about 30 minutes maximum, less if you're a natural model.
  • I'll upload the finished shots to  your own gallery here, like Joselia's, and send you a link.  Probably next day but I'll say within a few days in case I'm overwhelmed.
  • You review the gallery on line.  If you want to, for £24.99 you can use the Get Ten link to download up to 10 digital images for royalty free personal use.   And that means?  Do what you like with them except offer them commercially.
  • What if you don't want them?  If you view the shots and think, "Meh", then that's your part over.  I own the risk!
  • How many shots for £24.99?  Ten, 10, dix.
  • What if you want more?  I place no restriction how you spend your money!
  • What size will the images be?  Longest edge will be at least 1600 pixels at 100dpi.  Plenty for web and 12 x 8 printing.  You can order prints here on this site too.
  • Can I get my family in?   Bring 'em along!  But you can't expect all night for £24.99.  I need to be done and dusted in about 30 minutes.  I may have another booking to go to.
  • What if it rains?  It's not if, it's when darling.  We'll work under cover of brollies, arches, walkways, trees and whatever we can improvise with.  We can produce beautiful, atmospheric shots in the rain.  You may find yourself posed next to a sign post, singing.

Let's do it.