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The experimental course which Park Run Aberdeen has been forced to consider offers fewer and poorer photography opportunities.

The new start line on the top level, heading north, necessitates shooting against the light, with clarity and definition affected. In this position much street clutter is unavoidable and the leading lines and shadows of the fence bordering the old start position are lost.

Whereas the old course offered ready access to three positions for strong sight lines - the start line, the top level heading north and the lower level heading south - the new course effectively restricts the access to two positions, with the start line offering poorer views as mentioned.

If you are continuing to experiment with the course you may wish to factor in these comments.

In today's run one of the competitors ran with a baby in a buggy and some of the shots show the baby's face. If you would like these shots removed please contact me via the site and I will delete them.

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