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Meribel, Mottaret and the 3 Valleys.

Following Michael Schumacher's widely reported skiing accident in Meribel on 29th December 2013 there was a surge of interest in this gallery. According to reports in France, Schumacher's condition was "critical." He was reportedly skiing in an area between the Chamois and Biche pistes. Contrary to some reports, this is not an off piste area. It's a small boulder field between two relatively benign pistes used by thousands of recreational skiiers every day to return to Meribel and Mottaret. At this stage of the season there is a relatively shallow covering of snow and rocks can be a threat.

We all wish Michael a full recovery.

If you are tempted to steal my images you may wish to consider the disappointment expressed by Getty Images after a court found that they and Agence Press France had wilfully infringed on Daniel Morel’s copyright, having sourced from the internet and distributed the photographer’s images of a 2010 Haiti earthquake.

The court awarded the photographer $1.2m in damages.

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