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Because it's your day, it's your new beginning.

Some frequently asked questions.

My friend is a keen amateur photographer.  Why should I engage a professional?

It's true! Many amateur photographers produce excellent results.   The one word I would choose to distinguish a good professional photographer from a good amateur might surprise you.  (I produced a whole presentation on this as part of my Commercial Photography degree.)  That word is planning.  The professional plans everything to the nth degree.  Planning for timing, equipment failure, illness, emergency, shot list, dress, budget, good light, bad light, weather.  So you can relax, knowing your day will be special come what may.

Is it only weddings you photograph?

Goodness no!  I'm passionate about all kinds of photography.  Portraiture, editorial, travel, advertising, fine art, modelling.  I regularly cover a variety of sports too.  The blending of techniques between genres is important to me in developing an interpretive style which is not just a representational recording of the day.  This broad experience is particularly important to the portrayal of your day because it allows me to improvise scenes from the available elements.  It also helps me to be ready for whatever the day may bring.


How will you conduct yourself on my golden day?

Sympathetically and professionally, without fail.  Your day is about you, not me.  I dress to suit the wedding style.  Usually a lounge suit.  If you prefer an informal day I may don my foreign correspondent outfit!  I have respect for the sanctity of the ceremony.  I operate discreetly, using a camera for this moment which is renowned for its quietness.  I operate to the code of practice of the British Institute of Professional Photographers.

What if something breaks or someone gets injured?

Thankfully, these are rare events and that's why the professional photographer is fully insured.  Cameras do occassionally break, power packs run down.  The professional photographer has planned for these contingencies and has back ups on hand.

Will you give me a CD of the images?

Yes I will.

Why do we need a contract?  Why don't you just come along anyway?

A contract protects us both.  It defines what you can expect of me in terms of performance and delivery.  My insurance requires a contract to be in place.  Your insurance probably does too.


Do you have your own studio?

As a Designer in Residence at Gray's School of Art I have access to all of the facilities on campus, including the formal studios and buildings with unlimited lighting possibilities.  But I find the confines of the studio somewhat restrictive.  I prefer to work in the big studio of the environment, using a combination of ambient and portable lighting, harnessing its elements to produce imagery which is unique to the day.

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